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  • Glenda votes against Welfare Cap

    Glenda votes against Welfare Cap

    Glenda has today voted against the motion proposed by the Charter for the Budget of Responsibility to cap all Welfare Benefits to £119.5 billion. The cap will include spending on the vast majority of benefits, including pension credits, severe disablement allowance, incapacity benefits, child benefit, both...


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Friday 18th April, 3pm

**No Advice Surgery as it is Good Friday**



Saturday 19th April, 11am

Kilburn Library

12-22 Kilburn High Road



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Repeal the Gagging Law Campaign

GaggingThis week 38 degrees launched a campaign to repeal the ‘gagging law’, also called the lobbying bill.


The campaign by 38 degrees is calling on a commitment from Labour that if they win the election in 2015, they will repeal the gagging law. Glenda has this week written to Ed Miliband to urge him to make a promise that this law will be reversed should Labour come into Government in 2015. When there is a response to Glenda’s letter, we will put an update on the website.


The Lobbying Bill (real name - Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014) became law when it reached Royal ascent on 30th January 2014 and so will apply to the 2015 election.


A summary of the main elements of the bill:


  • introduces a statutory register of consultant lobbyists and establishes a Registrar to enforce the registration requirements.


  • regulates more closely election campaign spending by those not standing for election or registered as political parties.


  • strengthens the legal requirements placed on trade unions in relation to their obligation to keep their list of members up to date.



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