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  • Glenda Opens Post Office

    Glenda Opens Post Office

    Glenda was delighted to officially open the newly refurbished Hampstead Post Office on Friday 27th June, to mark the completion of a three-week refurbishment. She was invited to cut the ribbon by senior Stakeholder manager Simon Burman. The makeover, part of a multi-million pound investment programme...


Next Advice Surgeries

Advice Surgery July2014-March 2015 

Friday 18th July, 3pm

Community Resource Centre,

Albert Road, NW6 5DE 


Saturday 19th July, 11am

Kilburn Library

12-22 Kilburn High Road, NW6 5UH


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Surgery Details 2014

Glenda's Speech about DWP


Glenda spoke out against Ian Duncan-Smith in the debate on the performance of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) on Monday 30th June.


Her speech has provoked an incredible response, and we have been inundated with emails and phone calls from constituents and other UK residents who are suffering under the new PIP payments and ATOS assessments.



Glenda said: "Thank you so much for your email and comments about the speech I made on 30th June. The response I have had in the past few days has been phenomenal, and in many instances, deeply moving. Many people from across the country could relate to the issues I was raising about ATOS, ESA and people who are left unable to claim Job Seekers Allowance because they have been deemed unfit to work. Quite a few people shared their personal circumstances, demonstrating yet again how many across our nation are being ‘pushed through the cracks’ by the gradual destruction of the welfare state.


As you could tell from my speech, I feel passionately about these policies, and as someone who sits on the DWP select committee I am constantly amazed by the stories of the most vulnerable people of our society being left adrift in the midst of the Government changes and cuts over the past few years.


A closing thought: could there be a silver lining to the DWP’s black cloud?


The response I have had to this speech shows that the people of this country still believe in a true welfare state, care for those less able or fortunate than themselves, and don’t believe Ian Dun Smith’s black propaganda.


True democracy is to continue to oppose and object to changes we disagree with, and I will continue to do that on your behalf".



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